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Glimpse of Deep Fintech India (HiFi with DF-i)

The company was founded in 2020 with the sole purpose of helping people to leverage the quality financial consultancy and services – which plays a very imperative role in making one's financial aspirations realized. In a Long span of time, Deep Fintech India has garnered immense customer trust, satisfaction, and reliance as a top-notch financial consultation and service provider. To make it evident with the figures, we are having 800+ satisfied customers in Delhi NCR whom we had the great opportunity to serve. To take our services and provisions to an ever-increasing level, we're partnered with several leading PSU Banks, Private Banks and NBFCs – letting our customers make the most of our membership.


Addressing the crucial challenge of funding and profitability in the context of expanding a mission requires a strategic and multifaceted approach. Diversifying funding sources, such as exploring grants, partnerships, sponsorships, or crowdfunding, is essential for stability and reduced dependence on a single channel. Effectively communicating the impact of your mission by sharing success stories and concrete examples can attract support. Establishing strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations, optimizing operations for efficiency, and engaging with investors who align with your mission are crucial steps. Regularly assessing and adapting your approach, involving the community in the expansion process, and actively seeking grants contribute to a sustainable strategy. Developing a comprehensive financial plan and ensuring long-term sustainability are key elements in navigating the challenges of funding and profitability while expanding a mission.


Shifting the focus from transactional values to human values is a transformative step in shaping the vision of an organization or mission. By prioritizing human values, such as empathy, collaboration, and social impact, the vision becomes more people-centric and purpose-driven. This approach emphasizes the well-being and fulfillment of individuals involved, whether they are stakeholders, employees, or the community at large.
Incorporating human values into the vision fosters a sense of shared purpose and connection, creating a positive and inclusive organizational culture. It also aligns with the broader goal of making a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities. This shift emphasizes the importance of relationships, ethical practices, and social responsibility, enriching the overall mission with a deeper sense of meaning and authenticity.

Story of Deep Fintech

Story of Deepchand Garg

In the annals of financial innovation, Deep Fintech, under the leadership of Deep Chand Garg, has scripted a remarkable narrative of success and growth. The story commenced in 2008 when Deep Chand Garg established a Proprietorship Concern named Garg Deep & Co. It was a modest beginning, laying the foundation for what would evolve into a dynamic force in the financial industry. The turning point came in 2020 when Deep Fintech India Pvt Ltd was born, transforming from a proprietorship to a Pvt Ltd Co. This marked not just a change in legal structure but symbolized the company's ascent to new heights, driven by a vision for excellence. In 2022, recognition came knocking on Deep Fintech's door with the Most Inspiring Business Consultant Award, acknowledging their innovative approaches and unwavering commitment to excellence in the financial consultancy space. The accolades continued in 2023, a year that radiated success. BIG FM bestowed the Big Impact Creator in Finance Award upon Deep Chand Garg, recognizing the substantial influence and positive waves created in the financial sector. Simultaneously, the Midas Talk Award celebrated his eloquence and influence as an Eminent Speaker. But the story didn't end with awards; it took a literary turn in 2024. Deep Chand Garg, the visionary leader, stepped into the realm of authorship, penning nine upcoming books related to finance. Each book was a testament to his depth of knowledge, offering insights that mirrored the success journey of Deep Fintech. These milestones were not just corporate triumphs; they were a manifestation of Deep Chand Garg's dedication, resilience, and a commitment to leaving an indelible mark on the financial landscape. As the story of Deep Fintech unfolds, there's an eager anticipation for the many more chapters yet to be written—a narrative of continuous growth, innovation, and a legacy that goes beyond the confines of the financial world..

Story Of Deep Fintech


Saurabh Gupta
Operations Head

Finance expert with 20+ years, specializing in retail and MSME loans. Skilled in analyzing customer financials and property documents.

Deepchand Garg
CEO Of Deep-Fintech

Mr. Deep Chand Garg, ex-banker and bestselling finance author with 22+ years of expertise, is a leading Online Business Funding Educator in India.